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- Regular berth: Skeppsbron

- Regular berth: Stadsgården und Masthamnen

- Regular berth: Frihamnen

- Regular berth: Nynäshamn

- Port shuttle: only available and with costs at Frihamnen berth

- Taxis: usually available at the piers

- Public Transport: very well-developed route network with bus, tram and underground lines

- Car rental: Sixt, Vasagatan 4

- Car rental: Hertz, Mäster Samuelsgatan 71

- Car rental: Avis, Klarabergsviadukten 92

- Car rental: Europcar, Östra Järnvägsgatan 27

- Post office: Klarabergsviadukten 84

- Tourist-Info: SergelsTorg 5 (Kulturhuset), Vasagatan 14 and at the berths

- Banks and ATMs: concentrated in the Stockholm city centre



- Berth Nynäshamm


The Swedish capital Stockholm extends over several smaller islands, which are connected by numerous bridges. At the same time, the metropolis is hidden behind the offshore " Schärengarten", an extensive archipelago consisting of a multitude of small and larger, partly rocky islands. And it is exactly through these islands, that most of the cruise ships wind their way, in order to be able to dock quite close to the city. Thereby, one can enjoy great views to the charming landscape if the weather is good. If one travels with one of the new, big cruisers, it is possible that the ship is too big for this part of the route and therefore it will rather dock at the little city Nynäshamn. For the planning of the excursions on one's own initiative, one can in this case calculate with the rented car, bus or train, travel times of 45 to 75 minutes per direction in order to get to the city centre of Stockholm, that is approximately 58 kilometres away.



- Moorings at the City


Shorter distances to the sights in Stockholm are offered by the other berths, some of which are close to the city. The best is the landing stage Skeppsbron, that is located right at the oldtown Gamla Stan, but it is almost exclusively approached by smaller cruise liners. From there, a little further away are the berths Stadsgården and Masthamnen, where there is a cruise terminal with souvenir shops, tourist information, free Wifi, toilets and taxi rank. Depending on the space allocated, the distance to the centre is 1.5 to 2 kilometres, which can be covered on foot in 20 to 30 minutes.



- Berth Frihamnen


If everything is already occupied, other cruise ships can moor at the Frihamnen berth. This area also has a modern cruise terminal. However, the distance to the city centre is about four kilometres, which one usually does not like to walk. The shuttle buses operated by the shipping companies, which are often subject to a fee, are better suited for this purpose. On average, one pays 15 euros per person for each way there and back. By taxi, one direction costs approximately 300 to 350 Swedish crowns, thus roughly rounded 30-35 euros. It is cheaper with the public buses of the lines 1 and 76, whose stops are located close to the harbour. A blue line on the ground shows the way there. Before getting on the bus, one has to have a valid ticket. The next subway station Gärdet is about 1.4 kilometers away. Alternatively, you can also get to the city centre from the nearby ferry pier. The passenger ferries of line 80 take about 50 minutes in each direction.



- Public Transport Stockholm


Stockholm has a very well developed Public Transport Network. Stockholm's public transport company SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik) operates numerous lines, which are served by modern buses, underground trains (Tunnelbana), suburban trains (Pendeltåg) to the surrounding area, boats (ferry lines 80, 82 and 85) and trams (line 7). To use them, you must have a valid ticket with you, which can be used for all SL variants, but is not available on buses, trains and boats. The quickest way to travel is by underground, which is divided into three colours, which in turn are used by several lines with different final destinations. However, all trains of the metro lines meet in the city centre at the station T-Centralen, which, like all other stations, is marked with a big "T" on the surface. Most of the stations are anyway worth seeing, as most of them are very artistically arranged. The only available tram line is very popular among the visitors of the city, as its vehicles commute between the centre and the island Djurgården.

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik

- metro network

- Tram



- Tickets


The required tickets for Stockholm's public transport, are available from vending machines and counters in the metro and suburban railway stations, as well as in many small shops, mostly at newsagents (Pressbyrå) with the blue and white SL logo. Usually also at the tourist information at the cruise ship's berth. Single tickets are available, for example, which are valid for 75 minutes after validation. These currently cost 44 SEK for adults and 30 SEK each at a reduced price. Day tickets are better suited for more frequent use of transport. They are valid for 24 and 72 hours and cost 125 and 250 Swedish kroner respectively. Reduced tickets cost 85 and 165 SEK respectively. The reduced prices for children and young people are valid until the age of 20. Children under 7 years of age travel free of charge when accompanied by a full paying adult. There are blue boxes in the buses and trams where the new unused ticket must be validated immediately after boarding.

SL Tickets



Excursion offers and tickets from



- Sightseeing Tour


In Stockholm, among other things, the famous red buses of City-Sightseeing are on the road, inviting you to take a relaxed Hop On Hop Off tour and visit the most important sights. In cooperation with Stromma Buss AB, the red and green buses are on the road all year round from 10:00-16:00, on two different routes. A complete round trip takes about 60 minutes each and you can expect a bus at each stop about every 30 minutes. Often, an additional stop near the berth is set up for two to three hours after a cruise ship's docking manoeuvre. The sightseeing boats that also operate are exclusively used from May to September.



- Centre and Shopping


Stockholm's city centre, with its numerous sights and shopping facilities, is very easy to explore on your own. The old town Gamla Stan extends over the centrally located island Stadsholmen. There, beside the royal castle and the Storkyrkan Cathedral, there are numerous bars, restaurants and small shops in the old streets. But there are extensive shopping possibilities in the neighboured city district Norrmaln, in which most of the shops and boutiques are located at the main shopping street Drottninggatan (Queen Street), that in its turn runs in north-west direction through the city area and is mainly declared as pedestrian zone. Drottninggatan and the adjacent streets are also attractive locations.



- Royal Castle


The Royal Castle (Kungliga Slottet) is located in the old town Gamla Stan and was inhabited by the royal family for a long time. But already since 1982, it is no longer used as a permanent residence. Nevertheless, it still belongs to the most important buildings of the Swedish head of state and is, among other things, completely or partly used for official occasions and receptions. It may therefore be closed to the public under certain circumstances. The enormous building was erected on the foundation walls of the castle Tre Kronor, which burned down in 1697, and has a total of 605 rooms spread over up to seven floors. The main building has only three floors, but these have high ceilings. Interested visitors can view a selection of the royal rooms, the State Hall, the Royal Chapel, the Antique Museum of King Gustav III, the Treasury and the Tre Kronor Museum. There is also an impressive changing of the guard in front of Stockholm Castle every day, from Monday to Saturday at 12:15 pm. On Sundays, the whole thing starts one hour later, at 01:15 pm. The regular entrance fee for adults to the castle is 160 SEK per person. Children aged 7 to 17 years pay half price each. The castle is open during the summer months from May to September, daily from 10:00-17:00, with the royal apartments opening at 09:00. In the months October to April is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-16:00 and closed on Mondays.

- The Royal Palace



- Nobel Museum


In the immediate vicinity of the Royal Palace, directly on the Stortorget square, the exhibition rooms of the Nobel Museum (Nobelmuseet) are currently still located in the Börshuset. There everything revolves around the famous Nobel Prize. Interested visitors can learn a lot of interesting facts about the numerous Nobel Prize winners, and of course also about the eponym Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) himself. Special exhibitions are also regularly presented. The guided tours, which are included in the entrance fee, last around 35 minutes and are held several times a day, in Swedish and English. Those who are on their own, can borrow a multilingual audio guide. Admission to the Nobel Museum is free for children and young people under 18 years of age. Adults, on the other hand, pay SEK 120 per person, students and people over 65 years of age, each pay 80 Swedish crowns. The museum is open in June and until the end of August daily from 09:00-20:00. In the other months on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 11:00-17:00, on Friday from 11:00-20:00 and on weekends from 10:00-18:00. It is expected that the museum will move into its new premises in the newly built Nobel Centre on the neighbouring Blasieholmen peninsula by the end of 2019. 

- Nobel Museum



- Churches


Also in the old town Gamla Stan there are the two churches Storkyrkan (Nikolaikirche/Great Church) and the Tyska Kyrkan (German Church). The older Storkyrkan dates back to the 13th century, has a 66-metre-high church tower and stands right next to the Royal Castle. Until 1873, the coronations of the Swedish kings took place in it, and in 1942 it was finally elevated to the status of a cathedral church. One of the highest buildings of Stockholm is the Tyska Kyrkan, with its 96 metres heighted tower. After its completion, the original building was used as a guild house, and later, in the 16th century, it was redesigned as a church. From September to April, the house is open outside services on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00-15:00 and on Sundays from 12:30-15:00. In May/June the doors are open daily from 11:00-15:00 and in July/August the doors are open daily from 10:30-16:30. During the last 10 days of August the doors are open for a shorter period of time from 11:00-15:00. Every Wednesday at 03:30 p.m. the 37 bells ring and play for 15 minutes various, partly very well-known melodies.

- German Church Tyska Kyrkan



- Riddarholmen


At the western side of the island Stadsholmen, on which there is the oldtown Gamla Stan, the small island Riddarholmen borders. There, the church Riddarholmskyrkan that dates back to the 13th century is located. After its construction, it was then part of the Franciscan monastery, which was located there and whose building parts were finally demolished in the 17th century. Today it is one of the oldest buildings of Stockholm, serves as the last resting place of nearly all members of the royal family, and is only approximately five minutes away from the royal castle on foot. The Riddarholmskyrkan is open to interested visitors in May and until September daily from 10:00-17:00 o'clock. In October and November it closes one hour earlier. It is completely closed from December to the end of April. The regular entrance fee for adults is SEK 50 each. Children aged 10-17 years old are paid the half price.



- Postal Museum


In the oldtown district Gamla Stan, at the street Lilla Nygatan 6, there is a small Post Museum. It was already founded in 1906 and focuses on the history of the Swedish postal service. Once, for a long time, the main post office was housed in the 17th century building. The current exhibition covers three floors and shows, among other things, one of the most valuable stamp collections in the world. The "Lilla Posten" (small post office) area has been created for children, where the life of the postal service is communicated in a playful way. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00-16:00. Mondays are closed. From the age of 19, admission costs SEK 80 per person. If you are younger, you get free admission to the museum. 

- Postal Museum



- House of Knights


Close to the Riddarholmskyrkan church is the Riddarhuset (House Of Nobility). The knight's house was built between 1641 and 1672, and is still used by the Swedish nobility for various occasions. On the ground floor, for example, historical paintings are presented in the Landmarschall Hall and the Small Salon. The walls of the Knights' Hall (Great Hall) on the first floor and the mighty staircase are hung with over 2300 coats of arms of the individual noble families. On the same floor is the Blue Room, which houses an impressive collection of East Indian coat of arms porcelain. Those, who want to have a view into the interior have to pay 60 Swedish crowns, and in return, from Monday to Friday at noon from 11:00-12:00 a.m., they get the possibility to have a short viewing.

- Knight's house Riddarhuset



- Museum of Photography


Almost directly at the moorings Stadsgården and Masthamnen, you will find the Fotografiska in the former customs house. This is a photography museum, which was opened in 2010 and presents its objects in an exhibition area of around 2500 square metres. Visitors are offered changing exhibitions by internationally renowned artists as well as talented newcomers. The integrated restaurant is one of the best in Stockholm, open every day from 17:00-23:00 and offers great views of the city and the countryside. The Fotografiska is open for visitors daily from 09:00-23:00. A day ticket costs 145 Swedish Kroner from the age of 12, and free admission is available to people under 12 years of age. Senior citizens and students pay 115 SEK each, with proof of age.




National Museum


Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2 street is home of the National Museum of Sweden, which is the country's largest art museum. It was opened in 1866 and presents a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, graphics and extensive handicrafts. Among the numerous exhibits are partly internationally important works of art, from the 14th century to the present. Well integrated in the building, the charming restaurant/café invites you to linger. A museum shop is also available. The Swedish National Museum is open on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as from Friday and until Sunday from 11:00-19:00, and on Thursday from 11:00-21:00. The museum is closed on Mondays. Unless otherwise stated, admission to the exhibition is free of charge. However, fees are charged for changing special exhibitions, art courses and similar events, which usually amount to SEK 150. This applies to persons over the age of 20. Younger visitors do not have to pay anything.

- National Museum



- Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art


On the Stockholm island of Skeppsholmen is the Moderna Museet, a museum of modern and contemporary art, opened in 1958. The exhibition space there covers a good 5000 square metres and presents a wide variety of paintings, sculptures and photographs by internationally renowned artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. An integrated restaurant/café is located on the fourth floor of the building. Admission to the museum is free of charge until the age of 18. Older persons are charged SEK 100 each. Students and pensioners receive a discount of 30 Swedish crowns with proof of age. The museum is open Tuesday/Friday from 10:00-20:00, Wednesday/Thursday from 10:00-18:00 and Saturday/Sunday from 11:00-18:00. Mondays are closed.

Moderna Museet



Vasa Museum


On the neighbouring island of Djurgården, at Galärvarvsvägen 14, the almost completely preserved warship Vasa can be visited. It sank on its maiden voyage in 1628, and is now in a restored and extremely interesting condition under the roofs of the Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet). The impressive Vasa consists of 95% original parts and can be viewed from six levels. On the approximately 12,500 square metres of exhibition space, there are also numerous interesting exhibits from times gone by. These include the four museum ships St. Erik (1915), Finngrundet (1903), Spica (1966) and the Bernhard Ingelsson (1944). A shop and a restaurant are integrated in the museum itself. In the summer months of June, July and August, the museum is open daily from 08:30-18:00 and during the rest of the year daily from 10:00-17:00, Wednesdays until 20:00. The entrance fee for adults is 130 Swedish crowns. Up to the age of 18, admission to the exhibition is free of charge. The Vasa Museum can be easily reached by tram line 7 and is only a few metres from the Nordiska Museet/Vasamuseet stop.




- Nordic Museum


The Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) is located almost directly at this stop. It mainly focuses on the cultural history of Sweden and the life in the country. Visitors learn a lot about traditions, Swedish folk art, home furnishings, table decorations, jewellery, the writer August Strindberg, Sápmi and fashion. In addition to the extensive exhibitions, the historic building also houses a restaurant and a museum shop. An audio guide is available free of charge in several languages, including English and German. In the summer months of June, July and August, the museum is open daily from 09:00-18:00, and during the rest of the year it is open daily from 10:00-17:00, and on Wednesdays until 20:00. Adults must pay SEK 120 per person to enter the building. Free admission is granted until the age of 18.

- Nordic Museum



Excursion offers with "Back to ship on time Guarantee" from

Meine Landausflüge

Meine Landausflüge Stockholm


- Children Museum Junibacken


Also on the island of Djurgården, about 5 minutes walk from the bus stop "Nordiska Museet/Vasamuseet", you will find the Children's Museum Junibacken. Here you can immerse yourself in Astrid Lindgren's famous stories and meet her children's book characters, such as Pippi Longstocking and Michel from Lönneberga. Especially popular is the fairytale train Sagotåget, which guides visitors through the area in several languages, including German and English. In addition to the fairytale exhibition, there are daily performances on the hotel's own theatre stage. Junibacken is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-17:00, on some days also until 18:00. In the summer months from May to August and in December, a visit is also possible on Mondays. Admission is 149 SEK for 2 to 15 year olds. From the age of 16 years, 179 Swedish crowns are payable.




ABBA Museum Stockholm


A little further south on Djurgården, the bus stop Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund, the vehicles of bus line 67 and tram line 7 will stop, and right there on Djurgårdsvägen 68 you will find the popular ABBA Museum Stockholm. It reflects the impressive history of the successful band and is a must for ABBA fans. The extensive and partly interactive exhibition will delight young and old. Many original utensils, most of which were provided by the band members, can be admired here by visitors in detailed settings. The four life-size silicone figures are also designed in great detail, and have been part of the museum since 2015. The ABBA Museum is open daily from 10:00-20:00 from May 1 and until August 30. On the remaining days of the year it will close at 18:00. Children under 7 years of age are admitted to the exhibition free of charge. Children between 7 and 15 years of age must pay 95 Swedish crowns. From the age of 16 the price increases to 250 SEK. A family ticket for two adults and up to 4 children costs 595 SEK in total. The available audio guides can speak German and English, among other languages, and can be rented for 20 Swedish Kroner. No cash is accepted and tickets purchased online entitle you to immediate entry without waiting at the cash desk.

ABBA The Museum



Gröna Lund


Directly south of the ABBA Museum is the Gröna Lund Amusement Park. Sweden's oldest amusement park is popularly known as "Grönan" and was opened in 1883. On the grounds, which are only about 35,000 square metres in size, there are more than 30 rides, six restaurants and several stages where internationally renowned artists, bands and musicians regularly demonstrate their skills. Gröna Lund is only accessible during the summer season, from the end of April to the end of September, with varying opening hours. The regular entrance fee for 7 to 64 year olds is SEK 120 each. Younger and older people can enter the area free of charge. There are additional charges for using the attractions, as well as for events and concerts.

Gröna Lund

- Gröna Lund opening times

- Gröna Lund prices and tickets



- Open-Air Museum Skansen


Also on Djurgården, with the address Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, east of and not far from the ABBA museum, is the Open-Air Museum Skansen. Opened in October 1891, it is now considered the oldest of its kind. In the extensive park, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of gardens, as well as numerous buildings from bygone times and from all parts of the country, such as dwellings, craft workshops, a church and farms. The integrated zoo is mainly home to representatives of Nordic animal species. For the younger guests there are also playgrounds, play areas and a petting zoo. Rare and exotic animals are housed in the separate Skansen aquarium and can be visited there. For 4 to 15 year olds, the regular entrance fee is SEK 60 each. From the age of 16, 195 Swedish Kroner per person is charged. The main entrance is open daily from 10:00-20:00, the aquarium from 10:00-19:00 and the Hazelius gate from 10:00-17:00.






In the west of Stockholm and about 12 kilometres from the city centre, the grounds of Drottningholm Castle are located. The royal castle, which dates from the 17th century, was planned and built according to French models. Since 1981, it has served as a permanent residence for the royal family, but is still partly open to the public. The castle and the well-kept, extensive park with the Chinese Pavilion and the castle stage, are extremely worth seeing. In the castle itself, guided tours of 45 minutes are conducted at certain times, which are included in the entrance fee from October to April. From May to September, there is an extra charge of 30 SEK per person. Drottningholm Castle can be reached, for example, in summer by one of the excursion boats from Stadshuskajen/Stadshusbron (ferry terminal Klara Mälarstrand) or by the green underground line to Brommaplan. From there, take a bus of lines 176, 177, 323 or 338 to the royal residence. There are staggered entrance fees and combination tickets. The regular entrance fee is e.g. only for the castle tour, 130 Swedish crowns per adult. Children aged 7 to 17 years pay 65 SEK each. Separate entrance fees apply for the Chinese Pavilion and the spectacular Castle Theatre.

- Drottningholm Castle

- Guided tours

- Admission fees



Excursion Portals and Excursion Providers


Through the tour and excursion providers GetYourGuide, Meine Landausflüge and Viator, you can book various excursions, activities, tours, tickets and admission tickets, which are often offered at far lower prices than comparable excursions offered by the shipping companies. In this way, a large number of excursions can be realized on your own.



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Cruises and Special Offers


If you have not yet booked a cruise, but would like to get to know Stockholm personally and go on excursions on your own, you will find great offers from the major cruise operators in the German-speaking world. Aida, Costa and Tui Cruises - Mein Schiff offer attractive routes with their modern cruise ships, together with other interesting destinations. Book your next dream holiday directly with the shipping company at fair conditions.



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- Opening hours of the post office: Monday to Friday from 08:00-15:00

- Opening hours of the banks: Monday to Friday from 09:00-15:00

- Opening hours of the tourist information office: Monday to Friday from 09:00-18:00. Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-15:00 o'clock.

- Opening hours of the shops: Monday to Friday from 09:00-18:00. Saturday from 09:00-16:00. Larger shops often close at 22:00, and are also open on Sunday afternoon.

- Country code: +46

- Taxi Stockholm: Tel. +46 8 15 00 00 (Taxi Stockholm)

- Taxi Stockholm: Tel. +46 77 190 00 00 (Taxijakt Stockholm)

- Taxi Stockholm: Tel. +46 8 30 00 00 (TaxiKurir Stockholm)

- General emergency call: Tel. 112

- Police: Tel. 112

- Emergency doctor: Tel. 112

- Fire department: Tel. 112

- Recommended vaccination: Tropical Institute Sweden

- Safety information: Federal Foreign Office Sweden

- Public Transport: Storstockholms Lokaltrafik

- Metro: Metro Stockholm

- Tram: Tram Stockholm

- Map of the city: Stockholm Map

- Climatic table: Stockholm Climate

- Port occupancy: Cruise ships in Stockholm

- Official language: Swedish

- National currency: Swedish crown, 1 SEK = 100 öre. A new banknote series was introduced in October 2015. The banknotes used until then lost their validity.


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Stockholm Karte, Stadtplan



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