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Aida im Hafen von A Coruna und Landausfluege

- Regular berth: Muelle de Transatlántico

- Regular berth: Muelle de Calvo Sotelo Norte

- Port shuttle: not available/necessary

- Taxis: Usually available on the quay

- Buses: Central bus station, Calle Caballeros 21

- Car rental: Europcar, Avda.Arteixo 21 and at the airport

- Car rental: Avis, Federico Tapia 42

- Post Office: Rue Alcalde Manuel Casas

- Tourist-Info: at the port terminal and Muelle de la Marina

- Banks and ATMs: in the city centre



- Berths of the Cruise Liners


The port facilities of Galicia's port city of La Coruña, also known as Ciudad de Cristal because of its many glass facades, are well protected and spread out along the eastern outskirts of A Coruña. Cruise ships can moor in Puerto de A Coruña at the Muelle de Transatlántico and the Muelle de Calvo Sotelo Norte, close to the city centre. In the respective port terminal, a tourist information stand opens for a few hours after the arrival of a ship. There, in addition to helpful information, you can also obtain free city maps and directions. Directly at the Muelle de Transatlántico, there is the shopping centre El Puerto Centro de Ocio with some shops and free WiFi. Not far away, you are already in the centre of the city with many attractive shopping streets. The centrally located jetties make it easy to explore the city on your own.



- Plaza de María Pita


The most important square in A Coruña is the Plaza de María Pita, where you will find numerous cafés, restaurants, a tourist information office, as well as the town hall Casa do Concello da Coruña. The spacious square is dedicated to María Pita, a heroine of the city, who was instrumental in successfully fending off an English invasion in 1589. After her husband was killed in action, she took the lead in the defence with the cry "Quien tenga honra, que me siga" (He who has honour, follow me). An impressive monument was erected in the plaza in memory of her heroic efforts. On a high pedestal, the mighty statue of María Pita can be seen.



- Archaeological Museum


The Fortress of San Antón (Castillo de San Antón) was built in the 16th century on the small island of Peña Grande, located at the entrance to the port. After its completion, the building was used for defence, as a prison and military hospital. In 1968, the Archaeological and Historical Museum was opened within the walls of the fortress, which has been classified as a Historic-Artistic Monument since 1994. The exhibition includes various archaeological objects related to the history of the town development. The oldest exhibits date back to the Iron and Bronze Ages. It is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00-19:30. Sundays and holidays from 10:00-14:30. In July and August, extended opening hours until 21:00 on Tuesday to Saturday. Mondays are closing days and admission is always possible up to 30 minutes before closing time. Admission costs 2 euros per person and half for children under 14.

- Archaeological Museum (es)



Garden Jardín de San Carlos


Not far from the Archaeological Museum and within mighty walls, are the green areas of the Jardín de San Carlos, declared a Historic-Artistic Monument. The fortress, as it is called, was built in the 14th century and was used intensively until the 17th century, when it was abandoned after a violent explosion with extreme damage. After that, for a long time, no one cared about the once important structure, until General Don Carlos Francisco de Croix finally began with the first clean-up work and planting. The future Governor of the city, Don Francisco de Mazarredo, completed the work in 1834, and the funerary monument to the British General Sir John Moore was erected in the centre of the area, and on the masonry, there are several spots from which there are magnificent views of the port of A Coruña. The entrance, where the buses of lines 3a and 17 also stop, is about one kilometre from the moorings of the cruise ships. The park is accessible free of charge and open daily from 08:00-20:00. From April to October one hour longer until 21:00.

- Jardín de San Carlos (en)



Military Museum


Right at the north-eastern end of the Jardín de San Carlos park, in the adjacent Plaza de Carlos I, you will find the Regional Military Museum, founded in 1858. The building currently in use dates back to the 16th century, and today offers around 1300 square metres of exhibition space, which was opened there on 27 May 1992 after a change of location. The permanent exhibition shows a collection of over 1500, mainly military objects from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century. The museum is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00. On sundays and holidays only from 10:00 to 14:00 pm. The entrance is free of charge.

- Museo Histórico Militar da Coruña (en)



Torre de Hércules and Compass Rose


A Coruña's landmark is located on a hill in the north of the city. Since its construction around 110 AD, the Torre de Hércules (Tower of Hercules) has helped sailors find their way almost continuously. Originally 34 metres high, the tower was considerably extended in the 18th century. At 55 metres high, it has since become Spain's second highest lighthouse and the oldest still operating lighthouse in the world. The viewing platform can be reached via 242 steps. In June 2009, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Roman building is about 3 kilometres away from the cruise port, which can be reached on foot in about 40 minutes in each direction. In suitable weather conditions, the tower is open to visitors from 1 June to 30 September, daily from 10:00-21:00. During the rest of the year it closes three hours earlier, at 18:00. The entrance fee is 3 euros, concessions 1.50 euros. The latter then applies to children under 14 and persons over 65. At the foot of the Torre de Hércules, there is an impressive and accessible Compass Rose with a diameter of 25 metres. The Rosa dos Ventos is a work of mosaics by Xavier Correa Corredoira, which symbolically represents the seven Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, Isle of Man, Brittany and Galicia. The powerful statue at the foot of the tower and in the roundabout, represents Breogan, king and father of the Galician nation.

Tower of Hercules (en)



Domus Museum


Close to the main beaches of A Coruña, you will find a large building with a futuristic look. It was designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and houses the Domus Museum, Casa del Hombre (House of Man). It focuses intensively on the human species. True to the motto "Know yourself as an individual and as a species". The exhibition area was opened on 7 April 1995 and covers around 1500 square metres with around 200, mainly interactive stations. It is open daily from 10:00-19:00. In July and August, it closes one hour later at 20:00. In January and February, however, one hour earlier, at 18:00. Regular admission is 2 euros per person. A reduced price of 1 euro is available to people under 16 and over 65 years of age. The in-house restaurant is accessible during opening hours.

- Domus - Casa del Hombre (gal)



Excursion offers and tickets from



Beach and Aquarium


In the immediate vicinity of the Torre de Hércules, sheltered from the wind in a bay, is the small, well-kept sandy beach Playa de las Lapas (Praia das Lapas) with toilets and showers. A few metres further west, you will find the Finisterrae Aquarium (Casa de los Peces). It is considered a public science centre with a focus on the Atlantic Ocean, and was founded by the city of A Coruña on 5 June 1999. The aquariums contain more than 600 species of animals and plants, mainly from the adjacent Atlantic Ocean and its coastal regions. Open daily from 10:00-19:00. In July and August the aquariums close one hour later at 20:00. In January and February, on the other hand, one hour earlier, at 18:00. The entrance fee is 10 euros per person. A reduced price of 4 euros is available for people under 16 and over 65. Bus lines 3, 3a and 11 stop nearby, and you can also take a short break in the adjoining restaurant.

- Aquarium Finisterrae (es)



Main Beaches


Directly on the north-western promenade, you will find the two pebble beaches, Playa del Orzán (780 metres) and Playa de Riazor (610 metres), which are adjacent and connected. They have individual barrier-free accesses, showers, toilets and during the high season lifeguards are present. The beaches are about 1000 metres away from the cruise ship moorings and can be reached on foot in 15 to 20 minutes. Not far from the beaches, there is a bicycle shop on Rúa Cantábrico 2 street. In addition to selling bicycles, the shop also hires out bicycles.

A Coruña Beaches (en)



Historic Tram


Another landmark of La Coruña unfortunately does not exist (at the moment). Historic tramcars were still operating along the extensive promenade in the recent past. For little money, you could get a great panoramic ride along the coast. From the Orzan Riazor beach section to the La Solana bath near the harbour, it went around the peninsula. Large parts of the route are still there, and the final stop was only a 15 minute walk from the moorings. Unfortunately, the tram service was stopped after an accident. Let's hope, that this attraction will return soon.



Science Museum


Southwest of the pier, in Parque de Santa Margarita, you will find the Casa das Ciencias Science Museum. In addition to the not too large, but nevertheless interesting, interactive exhibition, which extends over three floors, there is also a planetarium. It is open daily from 10:00-19:00. In July and August it closes one hour later, at 20:00. In January and February, on the other hand, it closes one hour earlier, at 18:00. The regular entrance fee is 2 euros per person. Admission to the Planetarium costs another 2 euros. A reduced price of 1 euro is available to people under 16 and over 65 years of age. The approximately 1.7 kilometre distance from the cruise port can be covered in a comfortable 30-minute walk. Alternatively, the buses of lines 6, 6A and 20 stop in the immediate vicinity.

Museum of Science (gal)



Monte de San Pedro with Lift


A magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean and A Coruña with the Tower of Hercules, can be enjoyed from the viewing platform of Monte de San Pedro (St. Peter Mountain). The access to the land elevation is worth seeing from the moorings of the cruise liners, about 3.5 kilometres or 45 minutes on foot. Located directly on the coastal path Paseo Maritimo do Portiño, the Ascensor do Monte de San Pedro was built in the rocks in 2007. It is a panoramic glass lift, which covers a distance of 100 metres and a height of 63 metres every 30 minutes. A ride in the lift's ball-shaped cabin costs 3 euros per person, and is available in summer, Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30-21:00. On the remaining days of the year until 19:30 hrs. A maximum of 15 passengers can then travel in the glass ball at the same time. In addition to the viewpoint, Monte de San Pedro Park offers similar green areas with a restaurant, children's playground, maze and an old, massive coastal battery. 



- Santiago de Compostela


A Coruña is a popular starting point for excursions to the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage site. The end point of the Pilgrim's Way (Camino de Santiago), and seat of the archbishop, is about 75 kilometres from the port city. Since 1985, the charming old town, together with the famous cathedral and the Camino de Santiago, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip on the intercity buses takes about 55 minutes in each direction. The central bus station Estación de Autobuses da Coruña is located south of the port (up to 2.2 kilometres depending on the berth), and east of the station (850 metres). With a rental car or taxi, you can reach your destination 10 minutes earlier. The latter, however, is very expensive with 120 to 160 Euros.

Bus connections (en)


Meine Landausflüge A Coruna


By Train to Santiago de Compostela


To get to Santiago de Compostela, for example, you can also take a train from the Spanish railways. A Coruña San Cristobal station is about 3.6 kilometres from the cruise port. A taxi for this distance should not take longer than 15 minutes, and cost around 12 euros. The buses of line 5 are cheaper and hardly slower. Tickets for the return trip are available at the station and usually cost 7.60 per person. Some trains also charge 16 euros! The journey time is, also depending on the train, between 30 and 40 minutes per direction. There is a tourist information office in the Santiago de Compostela train station, where you can get free city maps.

Connection overview to Santiago de Compostela

Renfe train services (es)



Excursion Portals and Excursion Providers


Through the tour and excursion providers GetYourGuideMeine Landausflüge and Viator, you can book various excursions, activities, tours, tickets and admission tickets in A Coruna, which are often offered at far lower prices than comparable excursions offered by the shipping companies. Thus, if you book in time, you can realise a variety of excursions on your own.



We have compiled a small pre-selection of independent excursion offers for, in and around La Coruna for you here.



Cruises and Special Offers


If you have not yet booked a cruise in Western Europe, but would like to get to know A Coruna personally and go on excursions on your own, you will find great offers from the major cruise operators in the German-speaking world. Aida, Costa and Tui Cruises - Mein Schiff offer attractive routes with their modern cruise ships, along with other interesting destinations. Book your next dream holiday directly with your favourite shipping company at fair conditions.



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- Opening hours of the museums: Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00-19:30, Sunday from 10:00-14:00

- Opening hours of the post office: Monday-Friday from 08:30-20:30, Saturday 09:30-13:00

- Opening hours of the banks: Monday-Friday from 09:00-14:00, Saturday until 09:00-13:00

- Opening hours of the tourist information office: Monday to Friday from 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-19:00

- Opening hours of the shops: Monday to Saturday from 09:30-14:00 and from 17:00-20:00

- General emergency call: Tel. 112

- Police: Tel. 091/092

- Emergency rescue: Tel. 092

- Recommended vaccination: Tropical Institute Spain

- Bus timetables: Monbus

- Train timetables: Renfe

- Map of the city: La Coruna Map

- Port occupancy: Cruise ships in La Coruna

- Official language: Spanish

- Everyday language: Galician

- National currency: Euro, 1 Euro = 100 Cent



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